The stock market – a great place to start investing

Kristin Skaug is the head of AksjeNorge, an organization aiming to increase the general knowledge about the stock market. Skaug has 24 years of experience as a broker and advisor, and believes it is crucial that more people start saving their money in the stock market. 



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Unfortunately, a lot of people believe that investing in stock, is the same thing as losing all their savings, but you will lose your money only if the company you invested in, goes bankrupt

— Kristin Skaug

She continues by explaining how most companies aim to make money for their owners, and that owner might just as well be you. If you choose to invest in several companies, you have less risk in regards to fluctuations in the market and possible losses. Companies that are listed in the stock market, have to follow strict rules to protect the investors. If you invest in a fund, you are an investor in several companies and even less exposed to risk. 

Skaug believes that the stock market is a good place to start investing. All the companies have to report their results, and they are obligated to inform their investors if the company is in trouble. In addition to this, the companies listed on the stock market are liquid, and therefore, it is possible to sell and buy stock in a matter of seconds. As an investor, you have an easy access to information that will help you make sound investments. 

By not believing in their own abilities, women become their own worst enemies. I believe that if women are able to think more rational in regards to investments, it will be easier to get started as an investor. There is absolutely no reason why women should be considered less talented then men when it comes to investing 

— Kristin Skaug