New Partner: Ironstone

Ironstone is a growing company, dedicated to building a company culture based on core values such as equality and diversity.



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Equality is crucial for future business success 

Ironstone and SHE Community share the belief that equality is crucial for any business to have success in the future. 

“It’s our common mindset, company culture, and the shared values of the people within Ironstone that differ us from our competitors. We invest in our people. Creativity is important to us, and we believe diversity makes creativity thrive.” – Tormod Eek, CEO at Ironstone.  

Ironstone is a managed service provider dedicated to the Microsoft Cloud. The company challenges the traditional way of thinking and is therefor able to take companies up to a whole new level. It enables companies to harness both the power of the cloud and accelerate their business. 

Ironstone will not only join SHE as a partner,  but the company will also make sure that the SHE Index runs in Azure. Ironstone will proved the support for SHE to become  100% cloud based.  

Going forward, we will join forces with SHE and together be a part of the change we want to see in the future.