Diversity — A fundamental part of the company’s strategy

Being at the top of SHE Index is a result of a strategic process including policies implemented over time and a diversified recruitment process.

SHE Index


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Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane has been on the top of the SHE Index since 2019.

– To create more gender equality within an organization is not a quick fix. It is not something that can be managed through one single incentive. It demands work and effort over time, says Eirik Rostad Ness, director of HR at Sparabanken Sogn og Fjordane.

The fact that Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane has had gender equality as a part of the company’s cul- ture for many years, is also one of the reasons why they now have had such great success.

Female leaders

One of the most important incentives by Spare- banken Sogn og Fjordane is their focus on recruiting women to top positions within the organization.

– We have reached the goals we have set for ourselves in regards to women in leading positions. But we have our challenges as well, and we still have work to do in regards to equal pay.

Rostad Næss explains that their company also is working towards creating local indicators to moni- tor changes in salary over time.

– It has to be expected from the board, the leader- ship and the mid-level leaders to take responsibility in creating change in our society and within our organization.

Rostad Næss believes it is absolutely crucial to have diversity and gender equality as a part of the company’s strategy, and to remember that diversity if profitable.

Stringent recruitment process

The company has to be critical while reviewing their own recruitment process, and whether they are doing enough to have women apply for leading positions.

Furthermore, the company has to review the company’s policies towards their employees, and consider if there are structural differences between men and women. Equal pay also needs to be a natu- ral part of the annual settlements.

Rostad Næss explains that diversity will be an im- portant factor for the company in the years to come.

– Only through diversified teams that are inclusive, will we be able to be the innovative company that we strive to be.