Creativity thrives with diversity

Creuna believes gender equality and diversity to be fundamental parts of their culture, and basic requirements to run a successful, sustainable business. 

The company has made important changes to create more gender equality. During the last months, Creuna has developed a manifesto that defines their identity and ambitions as a company. Gender is not specifically mentioned, but is clearly embedded across the manifesto statements. 

  • We seek what is good for all people – our customers or employees – both male and female. We are one team – and our team is diversified in regards to gender, sexual orientation, age, competencies and personality, explains CEO Birgitte Feginn Angelil. 

In order to create valuable and “human-friendly” solutions and services for people at large, Creuna needs to offer a wide range of perspectives- which is possible only if the people that form the company, reflect and represent the diverse client base of the company. 

Creuna is a company that believes in creativity, and creativity thrives when different people and different perspectives come together. 

  • What may differentiate us from other companies in the same sector, is our ability and capacity to actually design, develop and deliver truly integrated solutions for our clients, says Birgitte Feginn Angelil.