Nordea working towards gender equality

Nordea Sweden is one of the first companies to join the SHE Index Sweden. They know that what gets measured gets done, and uses SHE Index as an indication on how far they have come on their journey towards more equality and diversity.

It is a company that shows dedication towards making changes that will benefit the company, by putting forward several initiatives in order to increase gender equality and diversity within Nordea. 


Nordea has several international policies like for example Group Board Directive on Promotion of Gender Balance, Non-discrimination Guidelines, Harassment in the workplace Guidelines. Internal D&I policies and guidelines that ensure an inclusive work environment which is free from any unwanted behaviour. 

Recruiting against unconscious bias

Nordea focuses on gender equality in their recruiting, and it is actually ensured that they do so through their recruitment policy and trainings on unconscious bias.Even though, Nordea has not reached gender balance on all levels yet, they keep working on creating a solid foundation in order to build an even more equal and inclusive organization.

Supporting female talents and leaders

Currently Nordea is focusing on how to find, develop and promote their internal female talents.