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Welcome to the SHE Index – A step towards greater gender equality in the world!

SHE Index


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I would like to officially welcome Sweden to SHE Index. The Scandinavian countries are at the forefront of gender equality in the world, but we still have a long way to go before we have reached our goal and closed the gender capital gap. 

World Economic Forum has estimated that it will take two centuries for women around the world to experience full economic parity, if we continue in the same pace as today.  Yet, in 60 percent of companies, women hold less than 30 percent of management and leadership positions. We need to do better!

There are many stakeholders on the journey to gender equality: spanning from the women themselves; society as such and the corporate world. We want to support and motivate the corporate world to embark on the changes needed, striving for gender equality.


OUR AMBITION By developing and sharing the SHE Index powered by EY we strive to accelerate change both with respect to gender equality and diversity as such. We encourage private and institutional investors to look out for gender balance at all levels, when considering their portfolio.    

SUPPORTING BOLD LEADERSHIP We want to see leaders who are willing and able to define new strategies, set goals and implement practices that will contribute to diversity and equality.

ENCOURAGING TRANSPARENCY By being part of the SHE Index powered by EY, the companies have accepted to participate knowing that the scores will be made available to the public. We trust that this also drives change internally within the organization, recognizing the steps needed to support the business case of gender equality. Trust and transparency are key components of change.   

WHAT IS MEASURED, CAN ALSO BE CHANGED.  Numbers do not lie and can form a valuable basis for change. We trust that the Index and the individual scores support companies in moving away from practices that do not support equality – towards constructive practices supporting equality, diversity and inclusion at all levels.  

SUPPORTING AN EMPOWERING ENVIRONMENT Leaders who are willing to acknowledge the need for change, and who show willingness to create an environment that is empowering to all, also create trust. Employees who feel trust and support from their leaders, are more prone to excel in their work and thus creating more value for the company.  

INSPIRATION INTERNALLY AND EXTERNALLY The Index measures the practices implemented for change. Seeing how companies put work and effort into ensuring equality is inspiring.  Not only for the company itself, but also for other companies, for their employees and for the future leaders and workers  of tomorrow. 

WE’LL DO IT TOGETHER. To reach these goals, we have to work together. Across gender, industries and countries. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Please join us and SHE Index, and be a part of the change you want to see. 

Heidi Aven // CEO SHE Community