ABB to Double its Share of Women in Management Positions

ABB to double its share of women in management positions.


Written by: Ellen Young


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ABB, a global technology company, has launched its new “Global Diversity & Inclusion Strategy 2030.” With this plan, they aim to double the proportion of female managers worldwide over the next ten years. 

This “2030 strategy” is set to “foster inclusion and equality across all areas of diversity, including gender, abilities, generations, ethnicity, and LGBTQ+” within ABB. Women currently hold only 12.5% of management positions at ABB and it is their hope that by 2030 women will hold 25% of decision-making roles. 

 While partnering with Europe’s largest LGBTQ+ rights organization, Stonewall, they seek to provide “a roadmap” for LGBTQ+ employees. While they don’t provide information as to what this roadmap is, we remain hopeful it is meaningful.  

On an individual level, ABB will be offering employees inclusive leadership training, development programs, and mentoring opportunities. Perhaps the most meaningful of all is the impact this initiative will have in the 100 countries ABB operates within.  

It seems ABB is fully aware of our previous article, Don’t Let the Pandemic Set Back Gender Equality, as they have thoughtfully laid out a plan, made it public, and hope to inspire and instill change with those they work with.