David and Goliath; Hannah-Beth and the US Government

Meet the Politician in California helping to protect women in the workplace.


Written by: Kelly Fisher


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Hannah-Beth Jackson might be a name you aren’t familiar with, but you should be.  Ms. Jackson is a State Senator in California, who has recently been behind the creation of some of the most progressive and important laws that protect and boost women’s place in the workplace in California. 

Her impact goes beyond California’s borders as California often serves as a leader and a role-model for the rest of the U.S., where what happens there may create a domino effect in other parts of the country. 

One of her main achievements include California’s Fair Pay Act in 2015, which ensures that workplace pay differences are not based on gender.  Additionally, she wrote the law that requires that boards of companies add more women or face a large fine.  This law created a large debate within the country and saw many companies and other states implement similar laws.   

Most importantly though, after the law was passed, more than 90% of California companies found they now had one female board director.   

The New York Times recently had an interview with Hannah-Beth Jackson, where they discussed everything from the role of the government in addressing gender equality, to other laws and rules she wants to pass.   

As SHE Community works to close the economic gender gap, we recognize the important role that women like Hannah-Beth Jackson play in moving the world towards that goal.  Read more about this important and inspiring woman here.