Diversity in the Future Workforce

Here are some important ways to create a more diverse and inclusive workspace.


Written by: Kelly Fisher


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The amount of research and evidence showing the importance of diversity in workplaces, and how it boosts companies productivity continues to grow.  While more companies recognize this and are making it a priority to have diversity in the workplace, it is another thing to implement and achieve this goal.  Harvard Business Review recently outlined some key steps and strategies that companies can take to both recruit and develop more young and diverse workers. 

These recommendations are timely and important.  At a time when the global economy is facing many challenges due to covid-19, the job market may be especially intense.  University graduates are up against a challenging job market, due to COVID-19.  Yet as the article highlights, University students of color were already confronted with many challenges when it comes to getting hired.  In the U.S., black graduates ages 22-27 were twice as likely to be unemployed as white ones according to data from 2013.   

What can we do now?  One key thing is creating work opportunities and experiences for students and workers who are younger.  This is important because exposure to a real working environment and meeting and networking with people within the workforce can have a large impact on young people early in their career.  Workplaces can be intentional that when doing this, they are selecting a diverse group of students and young workers.   

Other steps that can be taken are those that try to stop and address bias in the hiring process.  This includes blind recruitment where things like age, name, and other indicators of background are removed.  Additionally, the recognition by workplaces that often people of color lack access to the same social networks than white students and try to recruit those students who might not have that social network.   

 Read the whole article here to see how you and your workplace may take important steps and use proven resources during your recruitment and hiring process.