Norway Pushing for Equality from within the UN’s Security Council

Norway prioritizes women’s rights and equality at UN General Assembly.


Written by: Kelly Fisher


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Within the global community Norway uses its reputation as one of the most gender equal countries to advocate for women’s rights around the world. That is why for women’s rights advocates around the world and within Norway, Norway’s acceptance into the UN Security Council was greeted with much excitement.  

At the most recent General Assembly of the United Nations in September, Norway made clear its continued priority of boosting women’s rights around the world.  In its new role on the Security Council, Norway seeks to ensure that women are included in mediation and peace processes in peace and security efforts and focuses on efforts that seek to prevent sexual and gender-based violence in conflict zones. 

Norway has outlined the ways in which it will prioritize ensuring gender-equality outside of peace and conflict settings.  This is because Norway recognizes that one of the greatest challenges to global welfare and democracy, is gender-inequality.  Norway acknowledges the need to have a gendered perspective and approach to many different topics, and to make sure that women’s rights are kept in mind, especially considering covid-19’s impact on women.   

Based in Norway and working towards gender equality, SHE Community recognizes the important role and position Norway has within the UN.   

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