Don’t Let the Pandemic Set Back Gender Equality

3 Steps CEO’s can take to prevent COVID-19 impacting gender inequality.

To further understand our current predicament with gender equality in the workplace and the many ways to move forward, we must first learn about the more recent history of gender equality and how COVID-19 has impacted the economy and the business world at large. 

While we know gender equality in society helps gender equality in business, which moves the economy upward and onward, we are keen to pay attention to recent statistics coming out regarding women’s position’s in the workplace. “Women make up 39% of global employment but account for 54% of overall job losses as of May 2020.” 

It is recommended that CEO’s and business leaders take the following actions to reduce the impact COVID-19 may have on workplace gender balance: 

1- Track the data: Coronavirus has now impacted the global economy for over six months and plenty of numbers are coming out about its impact on local and global incomes. Pay attention to the numbers. 

2- Take action: Continue being flexible with the way work gets done. Office hours at home and creating a diversity centric focus within your hiring processes is a great way to start.  

3- Improve gender equality in your workplace: Start with the office space. Then move into your supply chain. Demand gender equality within your supply chain and seek fair and equal treatment of those you do business with. The impact may seem small, but it will be far reaching- if we demand more for ourselves and those we do business with.  

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