Understanding the Gender Pay Gap

Noted scholar explains different factors causing gender pay gap



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The existence of the gender pay gap is real. However, the constant numbers and stories coming out regarding this gap leaves many to say, “equal pay for equal work.” Although this sounds “fair enough,” the gender pay gap is complicated, intricate, and tricky. 

We must look at the individual factors, organizational factors, and societal factors. In reality, the gender pay gap does not just impact women. It impacts us all. No matter what line of business we engage in, what schools we attend, or how we spend our free time.  

To learn more about how and why it may impact you please read the article, “Understanding the Gender Pay Gap: A Framework That May Help” by noted women’s leadership scholar, Susan Madsen. 

Susan’s work and article come to us from Utah. A state which recently came in dead last for gender equality compared to all other fifty states in the union, for the third year in a row, according to the DC based firm, WalletHub.