Women Are Leading Latin America’s Fintech Revolution

Finance services remain a male-dominated field worldwide, but women in Latin America are making waves. 

As a testament to “the future is female” we see gender inclusivity paying off when companies include women entrepreneurs. As this article points out, this inclusion, “could boost the global economy by 5 trillion USD, and companies with women founders generate 2.5x more revenue for every dollar invested than male-led companies.” This is good news for those looking to invest as women or to invest in women.  

Now what exactly is fintech? Fintech is a combination of “financial technology.” For a few examples of this we may turn to services such as VIPPS, Venmo, fundraising apps or websites, and of course, investment management technologies.  

Here at SHE, we remain hopeful that the fintech industry could disrupt gender imbalance in the business and finance sector. For a positive example of this, we look no further than Latin America’s fintech boom, where women are leading the field and in fact showing that women who eventually hold leadership and CEO positions ultimately hire more women, train more women, and promote more women.  

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