Women VC Firm Smashes Fundraising Goal

Venture Capital firm Rethink Capital, founded by women to invest in women owned start ups smashes fundraising goals.


Written by: Kelly Fisher


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$182 million dollars.  This is the amount of money that Rethink Impact, the venture capital firm founded by Jenny Abramson and Heidi Patel, raised in its second fundraising round.  This surpassed the amount of money the firm was hoping to raise by $32 million dollars.  What makes this venture fund and it’s fundraising so exciting and interesting?  All of its funds are raised exclusively to be invested in tech start-ups founded by women. 

This news especially caught my eye as I was skimming the news.  Venture capital firms and venture funds are notoriously dominated by men.  This is also reflected in the investments that these firms make.  In the first quarter of 2020, only 4.3 percent of all venture investments were in start-ups founded by women.  Funds like Rethink Impact, and the investments they make will certainly make larger ripple effects to help address this disparity.   

SHE Community strives to end gender inequality by focusing on closing the gender wage gap.  This is something that will require energy and action on many different fronts, including the investment world.  It is for this reason why SHE Community focuses on investing with our programs like SHE Investing.  Investments, and in particular investments in women run companies will help to boost women’s role and the influence they have in these different sectors.   

Rethink Impact was founded in 2016, and since then has been a key investor in several influential start-ups.  Some of the start – ups they have invested in include Guild Education, a group that partners with companies to offer education programs sponsored by the employer.  To read more about this fund, and the important work they are doing in closing the gender wage gap, read here.