Newest Season of Women at Work Podcast is Released

Harvard Business Review Launches its 6th season of the Women at Work Podcast series. 


Written by: Kelly Fisher


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Harvard Business Review has recently launched its 6th season of its podcast series, Women at Work.  The Podcast focuses on the ways in which women face discrimination both in and out the workplace, and how women can successfully identify and negotiate these barriers.     

The podcast is hosted by three writers and editors for Harvard Business Review.  Through interviews with experts and researchers about gender, and honest conversations from the hosts own experiences, the podcast provides insights for how women can navigate these challenges.  There are many women who probably can relate and have had similar experiences to those which are explored in the podcast episodes.   

2020 has certainly been a challenging year for everyone, but women have particularly suffered in the workplace due to covid-19.  Make sure you check out the podcast Women at Work to learn from these knowledgeable and experienced women.