SHE Leads — A mentor program for women

SHE Leads

Written by: Victoria Waething


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SHE Community is dedicated to having more equality on top management in Norwegian organizations and has created SHE Leads as a crucial part in this process.  

SHE Leads is a leadership development, mentoring and networking program for female leadership talents motivated and ready to join the top management group.  

We have carefully selected content, learning design and professional contributors to deliver high impact training with top quality. The content is based on the latest, most extensive research on leadership and personal development. Our aim is to empower 25 Female Leaders to enter top management level, and realize their full potential in these roles. 

SHE encourages partners and companies to encourage their female leaders to participate in the SHE Leads Executive Leadership and Mentorship program, and provides a platform for these phenomenal women to step up, take action and trailblaze the path for female leadership. 

Let’s take action, apply today!