SHE Invests because she has to.


Written by: Victoria Wæthing


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It will take 257 years to close the economic gender gap. Because women own less property, invest less money and have a lower income, we have a capital gap – which we have to close.  The best way for us to do so, is to have women start investing.  

In Norway, one of countries in the world with the highest degree of equality between women and men, women only represent 30% of investors at the Oslo Stock market. Think about it: men own more than 80 % of the total value of the Oslo Stock Market. Men have three times the capital income as women, and there are several reasons for that:  

  • Women own less property than men.  
  • Women will save their money in the bankand thus lose profits from investing their money.  
  • Only 2 % of all Venture Capital goes to female entrepreneurs.  
  • Only 29 % of women have invested in stock funds, in comparison to 43 % of the men.      

So, why do women have to learn to invest? Because women make less money than men, we need to be smarter and invest more wisely.  

What triggers women to start investing?  

  • Making the world better.

It might be a cliché, but studies show that women tend to invest in companies that have sustainable goals. Women want to invest in making the world a better place.  

  • Knowledge and understanding.  

For example, the Norwegian Company Fjong, a start-up company offering short-term access to fashionable clothes. A lot of women invested because they understood the business idea.  

  • Understanding risk and being able to invest accordingly.  

This is also about knowledge. For anybody to have a clear investment strategy, they will have to consider risk and reward, and how much money they can afford to lose.  

Attendees of the Fall 2020 SHE Invests Course

So, how can we help women to start investing? 

We know that women prefer to invest in business that they understand, but it is also about understanding the structures, speaking the language and being able to follow financial news. Increasing knowledge and thus providing more competence, is crucial for women to start investing. 

This is why SHE Community created SHE Invests.

ABG Sundal Collier presenting at the Fall 2020 Learn to Invest Course

 This is why SHE Community together with ABG Sundal Collier, BAHR, Arkwright X & Nordic Impact, have started SHE Invests, a course that will teach women the basics of how to invest her salary and savings.  

We believe in creating a network for women to learn and exchange ideas, networks that can provide inspiring role models and mentors that can guide young professionals while they are trying to make sense of all the different ways of investing. 

This is also why SHE Community has brought women on study trips to Silicon Valley to learn from the best. 

We want to help women get the right tools to find good investments in order to have secure financial situation. Please check out SHE Invest if you would like to learn more.  

Building Bridges Between Norway and North America 

We are thrilled to announce that Jen Lee Koss, Founder of BRIKA and partner of Springbank Collective, together with SHE Invests, will be taking a virtual trip to three major North American cities: New York, San Francisco and Toronto.  

This program will be a combination of learning, networking and bridge-building opportunities. More information can be found here. •