“We can all be change-makers.”


Written by: Victoria Waething


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Gro Harlem Brundtland, Norway’s first female Prime Minister talks women’s rights and female empowerment at SHE Conference in 2020.

Brundtland has been a role model for generations of women, and her influence on women’s rights has reached far beyond our borders. Brundtland first became Minister of the Environment in 1974, before becoming the Prime Minister for the first time in February 1981 until October 1981, then again for a second term from 1986-1989, and later for her third term from 1990-1996. 

A World Famous Woman-Government

Her government of 1986 became famous world-wide as the Woman-Government. With a 40/60 percentage of women and men, she would set an example for Norway and many other countries to follow in the years to come. She served as the Director-General of the World Health Organization and as UN  Special Envoy on Climate Change from 2007 to 2010.  

“The next time a woman leader comes up in the future, what I have gone through now, will be a part of the story to make that easier  next time”

Gro Harlem Brundland

Discrimination and Change

In this interview she addresses discrimination against women all over the world, how many people may not grasp just how critical the situation is for women so many places across the globe. 

However, Brundtland also emphasizes how things have gotten better, how the world has changed since the 70s through political action, and how sustainable development goals now include rights and empowerment of women.