Building Bridges

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This year, SHE Invests will be taking a virtual trip to three major North American cities – New York, San Francisco and Toronto. This program will be a combination of learning, networking and bridge-building opportunities.

WHEN: Five Wednesdays from JAN 13th til FEB 10th

WHERE: Digital Event + 25 VIP Tickets, Local Event

PRICE: NOK: 7500,-

In each city, you will hear from some of the world’s best founders, companies that have gone to scale, from policy and government advisors and investors in these geographies. Each destination will be focused on three major themes:

  • General tech ecosystem innovation 
  • Investing in gender equality
  • Connections between Norway and North America

At the end of this program, you will come away with a deeper understanding of each geographic area and what makes them wholly unique. In addition, you may find yourself asking, what can we learn from what they are doing in those geographies, what can we apply here back at home, and most importantly what can we do to build stronger connections between Norway and North America?