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What exactly is a pivot?

Jen Lee Koss talks about the major pivots that were life changing decisions, and the difference between a business being a vitamin or a painkiller.  

Entrepreneur and business woman Jen Lee Koss was going to be a concert celloist when she was young, but even at a young age she would dip her toes in the business pool.  In this podcast she talks about how she has always been open to pivots, meaning open to changes and opportunities.  

Have No Fear of the “Cold Email”  

Jen Lee Koss experienced this when she found the job of her dreams, and she contacted the company directly asking for the job. She had to wait a year before she got it, but it still shows that you can get the results you want if you dare to put yourself out there.  

Up-hill in High Heels 

When describing gender equality, Jen Lee Koss uses the image of a woman running backwards, up a hill with high heels. She believes it is crucial to level the playing field and to accelerate the change that has to happen in order for women to have the same possibilities as men.  

Be a Painkiller 

Lee Koss explains why it is crucial for a business to be a painkiller and not a vitamin. Vitamins are good for you, but they are not necessary. Pain killers on the other hand are necessary for somebody and can solve an actual problem.  

The Retail Apocalypse 

When everybody started shopping online, Jen Lee Koss discovered that it was a huge market for the pop-up industry. Making beautiful pop-up shops was at one point still not the correct business model. She discovered that the business property developers were having difficulties renting out spaces since nobody was actually opening shops. How she changed the business model, was yet another pivot in her life as an entrepreneur, and you can her all about it in this podcast.  

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