New Episode of Breakfast With a CEO

In this week’s podcast episode of Breakfast With a CEO, you will meet Arild Spandow—the CEO of Amesto group. And what is the most quality for a leader according to Spandow? Empathy. 

Amesto Group was founded in 2002 and has more than 1,000 employees. It is a company that specializes in business solutions, artificial intelligence and analysis, as well as IT, accounting and HR.  

The family business was originally founded by Spandow’s grandmother, and to this day there are still more female leaders than men in within the company.  

Entrepreneurship and Growth

Arild Spandow explains how the family business has grown by inviting entrepreneurs to grow within the company, rather than seeking outside capital through private equity. Entrepreneurs within the Amesto group will maintain 49 % of their company while having possibility to benefit from all of the company’s resources.  

Today, 35% of the company’s revenue comes from these entrepreneurs. If you want to hear more about how Amesto’s success working together with these entrepreneurs, tune in on this latest podcast from SHE Community.