I Know How She Does It

How Successful Women Make the Most of Their Time 

Book reviews

Written by: Ellen Young


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Written by: Laura Vanderkam

What makes “a good life”? Vanderkam explores this question throughout her book and it remains both a simple philosophy and a learned skill to “live a life that makes you happy.”  

How might we spend our 10,080 minutes a week in order to make us feel fulfilled? Even happy? For this, we may start to think in 168 hours (the number of hours in a week), rather than falling in to what Vanderkam deems, “the 24-hour trap.” 

Sometimes the trivial and first world examples of feeling unhappy seem crammed together with often extreme and somewhat tone-deaf examples of, “Well I should be happy because at least I’m not like them,” but she remains reflective and often admits to this, which I found promising.  

Throughout I Know How She Does It, Vanderkam does a good job weaving study-based facts, personal insights, and examples from her career in helping people make more sense of their time. Her book offers worksheets where we might, “Spend more time on things that matter and less on the things that don’t.” 

Chapter three provides worksheets and an entire section dedicated to working remotely. Particularly on par for the 2020 work-life reality.  

If you search for work that makes your life more fulfilling or seek to find that balance, if you hope to find a career that provides a sense of achievement and accomplishment, this book is for you.  

If I could describe this book in one word, that word would be, “apt.” •