Joy at Work

Organizing Your Professional Life

Book reviews

Written by: Ellen Young


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Written by: Marie Kondo and Scott Sonenshein

“Does this spark joy?” 

In a year where we are all learning to work from home and remain adaptable to changes in where, when, and how we work, this book comes just in time!  

As we learn about what went from side-hustle and passion to career, it’s clear the KonMari method is here for more than our closets and our bedrooms.  

This book asks us to “picture your ideal career.” I really sat with this for a moment and I think you should do. What does “work-life” balance mean for you and how might your laptop, desktop, phone, workspace, and living-room, either promote or diminish this ideal?  

Moving along to discovering values through tidying your books, papers, and sentimental items can provide challenges along the way. Stick with it. Spattered throughout this book and how-to-guide, are personal stories and anecdotes about what a life less cluttered may look or feel like. It is the perfect encouragement.  

Start with a few baby steps.  

Declutter your phone and email contacts and establish an email sorting system.  When we think of being tidy, we may think of kitchen cupboards or bathroom shelving, but decluttering our digital lives and our non-physical spaces is just as important. Tidying these aspects of our lives will help us at work, in management and leadership positions, and will help with the general bottom line.  

For those leaders who have several meetings a week and want to create better use of their time, I recommend the Tidying Meetings chapter. The following chapter, Tidying Teams is along the same lines and super helpful. Complete with little nuggets of golden ideas, I, for one, had a blast reading this. Visualizing Your Ideal Team and Trust Keeps Teams Tidy are a couple examples of ways in which one person’s flow may begin to impact other co-workers.  

If I had to describe this book in one word, that word would be, “organized.” •