Supporting Each Other

Letter From the Editor | Issue #6



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Victoria Waething
Photo by: Hannah Busing

Embarking on a new year, the SHE Community and Insight Magazine focus on coming together, supporting each other and thus creating the change we want to see.

We urge you to be inspired to network, to connect with others and learn from each other.

In this edition of Insight Magazine, our leader and CEO Heidi Aven tells the story behind SHE Community, her visions for the future and why it is so important for women to come together. Aven created SHE Leads in cooperation with Deloitte in 2020 and in this edition, we emphasize the importance of this program: to network and to come together, which we need now more than ever.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been devastating for the entire world. Our contributor Phumza Dyani is writing about how this pandemic also has increased existing gender inequalities and pushed especially many women into poverty.

Generosity towards each other is another key aspect for this newest edition of Insight. Surgery resident from Milano, Marcello Sanzi is one of our newest voices, and writes about the stigma that the gay community experiences in Italy, urging people to be more aware of the shame they inflict upon others.

The motto for this year’s SHE conference is not coincidental: Together We Change.

Victoria Waething
Editor in Chief
SHE Community’s Insight Magazine