New Episode of Breakfast With a CEO

In this week’s Breakfast With a CEO, we meet Daniel Siraj—the CEO of OBOS.  A non-profit property giant with 50 billon NOK in assets and 490 ,000 members.  

OBOS is a housing co-operation where the members co-own and receive special member rights, but do not receive any dividends. Ranking as number three on the SHE Index, OBOS is a company dedicated to equality and diversity.  

Daniel Siraj never wanted to be a CEO, he wanted to change the world. Given the opportunity to work with OBOS, he found a way to combine his passion for business and his purpose in life, which is to make the world a little bit better. Ambition should not get in the way of doing good for others at the same time. 

Core Drivers Are Purpose and Impact  

Being the CEO of a company like OBOS, allows for Daniel Siraj to have a social impact besides creating profits for the company. During the last five years, OBOS created 17,000 new homes.  

By introducing new housing models, OBOS has been able to invest in local communities and do good, especially during the Corona crisis.  

Show an Interest in People 

Daniel Siraj believes that as a leader, being able to communicate well with people is the most important thing. A leader must motivate people, and to do what he believes is crucial: talk to people and show an interest. People should be able to look towards their leader when searching for direction in a world that is constantly changing. He believes in entrusting confidence in his team, because as a team you can fail, evaluate and move forward.