SHE Leads is About Networking

Written by: Victoria Wæthing

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Women have traditionally been more reluctant to use their network in business than men. There might be many reasons why, and we shall not try to give one answer to a complex question. Being a minority as leaders and CEOs, it is not necessarily the responsibility for this minority to create the opportunities for other women.  

In an interview with Insight, the former CEO of Lloyds of London, Inga Beale, said that the network of women supporting each other had been very important for her career. The female CEOs in the insurance industry in London had created their own network—the Insurance Supper Club. No more than six people in the group, and the support was crucial.  

For Business—Not Just for Friendship 

It is all connected. For women to be equally represented in board rooms and on top levels, we have to put ourselves forward. We have to invest and connect.  

Women must learn to see opportunities and rely on each other, also for businessnot just for friendship. Men have used their network in business since—well, forever. It is time for women to take a cue from men and start connecting in regards to business. 

Uniting Young Leaders 

SHE Leads unites twenty-five leaders across different industries. This is an amazing opportunity to connect with people in order to create new ventures. We encourage the young leaders that participate in SHE Leads to put forward new goals on how to work together, and create new business. Together.  

Combining the Best of Two Worlds 

Created by SHE and Deloitte, SHE Leads Virtual offers the participants top rate counselling by business leaders and coaches, but even more important, the program has created mastermind groups allowing all the participants to connect and get to know each other. So far, these groups have shown to be a thriving place for all involved to learn for each other’s experiences and for new ventures and business possibilities.