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Letter From the Editor | Issue #7



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Victoria Waething
Photo by: Evangeline Shaw

We are faced with a new world, new challenges—and new possibilities.

Moving forward, we need to adapt and be open to new opportunities and learning experiences in order to rise from a year of devastation—and the difficulties we still are facing.

Our Voice, Christina Muradore writes about the importance of internationalisation, of learning languages and being open to new cultures. Kristin Langeland writes about how we need to learn from history, and remember not to take our fundamental freedoms for granted.

Sheree Atcheson, one of the speakers at this year’s SHE Conference and the author behind the upcoming book Demanding More, explains the importance of inclusion and how we need to be open to understanding and listening, rather than being defensive.

Personally, I had the pleasure and privilege of being a participant at SHE Invests newest seminar led by Jen Lee Koss: Building Bridges. A virtual seminar that aimes to build connections and exchange competence between Norway, the US and Canada.

I would urge you to join these courses, as well as our SHE Conference in order for you to learn and to be inspired.

Victoria Waething
Editor in Chief
SHE Community’s Insight Magazine