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Leadership by Attraction

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Written by: Ellen Young


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Written by: Anne Lakusta

What are the roadblocks to success? This practical handbook is not only attention keeping and entertaining, but full of interesting stories which are relatable to many different business strategies.

If you’ve ever felt stuck in a toxic work environment, Pass the Pig, brings you “Leadership by Attraction.” Leadership by attraction brings simple concepts together which remain applicable for any team. If you’re looking for a book which will uplift the talents of your team and employees, look no further. After all, most of us are working towards our own dreams, and together we can make work not only fun and meaningful, but profitable and successful.

Lakusta is a great storyteller who brings enjoyment to the process of becoming a successful manager and meaningful leader. News headlines lately don’t shed a great light on leaders. Pass the Pig places the emphasis on what to do to get over roadblocks and ways to make your leadership and managerial style the kind that makes your business goals happen.

I enjoyed the writing style and the way Lakusta makes the reader take a look at themselves and allows us the space to problem-solve. A piece of advice (in her own words), “Make it Clear. Make it Fun. Make it Yours. Make it Theirs. Make it Happen.”

If I could describe this book in one word, that word would be, “attractive” (you see what I did there?). •