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The person behind the Voice: Phumza Dyani

Behind the Voice


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Phumza Dyani

Each week we have incredible voices writing for Insight Magazine from all over the world. We are lucky enough to have some of these people as regular contributors, and we are sure you have come to recognize their distinctive voices and passions, as well as appreciate the opportunity to learn from their knowledge and experience. For our readers to get better acquainted these Voices, we are introducing small, yet informative interviews with these leaders and intellectuals.

Let yourself be inspired.

Meet Phumza Dyani

Phumza Dyani is a founder of the Pan African Network for Investment and Development, a network of professionals and entrepreneurs within the continent and the diaspora with an objective of stimulating trade linkages across the continent, developing SMMEs, youth and women. She the Chief Marketing and Sales Officer for Broadband Infraco—a wholesale telecommunications company based in South Africa. Dyani is from South Africa and “lives in the most amazing and cosmopolitan city called Johannesburg.”

A Personal Story—Becoming the Person She Is Today

I was brought up by a divorced mother. She was extremely powerful and she made me believe in who I am and what I can achieve. At the time, I did not have a concept of being inferior to men because I witnessed her feeding a family of eleven, which included extended family members.

As I grew up, I witnessed many women suffering, especially those living in remote rural areas. The dire state they tended to find themselves in—with no choices and no one to help them—really bothered me, and I would find myself daydreaming about being their superhero. I always aspired to have an ability to change their lives for the better. Part of my work in tlecoms helps me to fulfil that as part of our mandate is to roll out broadband to rural communities.

Phumza Is a Voice for Insight Magazine Because…

Insight offers me a platform where I can draw attention to the plight of women in all spheres of their lives, as well as offer support through writing self-help articles for their empowerment and reinforce the beauty and strength they already possess. It also helps me to research on areas where women can be assisted and avail them to a large following of women.

Phumza Is Passionate About Three Things:

  • Africa – the most beautiful and dynamic continent
  • Women – the progress and empowerment of women to live the lives they choose
  • Technology – I see technology as a catalyst to development of women and the continent of Africa
The city centre of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Equality Means…

Equality means that the same choices and incentives available to men are also available to me.

What kind of impact would Phumza like to have on the world?

I want to help women understand that they can achieve whatever they set their minds to. I want to have a world where women feel safe, they are heard, afforded dignity and they are financially empowered to live the lives they choose.

Phumza’s Three Favourites:

  • Book: The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama
  • Podcast: SHE Community
  • Leader: Christine Lagarde