New Episode of Breakfast With a CEO

In this  week’s podcast,  Breakfast with a CEO,  we  hear from Geir Førre,  a  highly  successful  entrepreneur and  current board member of  several  influential and important companies.  

Written by Kelly Fisher

Geir Førre  has  founded and  sold  two  different billion  nok  companies. As a leader he is concerned by some of the larger  issues our world is facing, and  he  joined  the podcast to  talk  about  leadership and  the role of leaders in confronting  some of these different problems.  

From a Small Town  to the Tech World  

Geir grew up in a small town in Norway.  In fact, his first job when he was 12 was helping his father on their small family farm.  While he never saw himself as being particularly interested in technology, he did consider himself a natural engineer, and it was just by chance he became more involved in the tech world.  For him though this is an advantage,  because Geir sees how  too many founders  of companies are too invested in their company or their  product and can lose sight of directing the company in the right direction.    

Equality and Diversity in a Heavily Male Workforce  

As a board member of  several different companies, Geir had some different reflections on what.  it takes to  run a company properly, or as he said, the right captain for the ship.  For him,  honesty and transparency are some of the most important  ingredients  for those  in leadership positions.  At times this can be challenging, especially when a company is facing challenges,  but  this helps to build up trust, and in the long term produce better results.    

The Role of Tech in Solving Society’s Problems  

Geir  is concerned by  many of the problems our world is facing today.    However,  he is also excited by the potential  that  new technologies  have to  solve some of these larger challenges.  Some of those technologies include new energy sources,  innovations to the sea farming industry, and others as well.   Geir  believes  that due to the amount of wealth Norwegians have, this gives them a responsibility  to be leaders in building up  new sustainable  industries and addressing climate change.  

To hear  more about the type of role a board should have with a company’s direction  and  how Geir feels about income inequality, check out the podcast here.