Q&A With Future Leaders From SHE Leads

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Each week we will give you a Q&A on their experience with SHE Leads and about their ambitions as leaders.  This week we spoke with Simone Ingeberg, Senior Vice President at SKULD.

What are your ambitions as a future leader?

Ambitions are for me linked to performance and the wish to reach higher levels for myself, my team, the business that we deal with, the company we work for and ultimately for society. 

What would be your goals as a leader?

I think that my ultimate goals as a leader are to be an example for others and add value for colleagues, clients and society.

What are the three words that your employees would say about you as a leader?

I think you should ask my team to respond to that, but I hope and believe that they would say that I am approachable, open minded and reliable.  

Who is your role model? 

I do not think that I have one particular role model, but I truly enjoy observing and learning from others. 

What are the lessons in your professional career that you have learned the most from?

I have learned the most from failure. From difficult, stressful and unpredictable situations. When you encounter failure or a very difficult situation, you have to manage it with your team. You have to head on and learn from your mistakes. I believe this can result in the best lessons for both oneself and for the team. Taking the time to organize one’s thoughts, particularly after a failure and realizing what went wrong and learn from it. 

SHE Leads mentors and mentees led by Jeanette Carter.

Why did you join SHE Leads? What did you hope to learn from the mentors?

Because of curiosity and for personal development. I was looking for impulses from outside the company. I also wanted to be a part a network of female leaders where we could share experiences and learn from each other.

I hoped to learn from the mentors about myself and develop clarity about my future aspirations and goals as a leader. 

What do you think would be your strengths and weaknesses as a leader?

I think that I am adaptable, that I have courage and that I am self-confident. I am also a very structured and analytical person and I believe that I have situational self-awareness. I think that my weaknesses and my main development areas are related to communication and how to communicate vision and strategy, my goals and my expectations.

What are the key takeaways from SHE Leads?

2020 has been a very different year and because of this the programme became a bit different than planned and expected, as it ended up being mainly digital . I think that the mentor and networking experience therefore suffered to some extent. However, I believe that the organisers made the very best out of the situation. All in all, I very much enjoyed the sessions and the networking, and I have become clearer on my goals and aspirations during the programme and the mentor conversations. 

Why would you recommend future leaders to join SHE Leads?

New impulses, new network of female leaders, great learning.

Simone Ingeberg
Senior Vice President |  SKULD  |  simone.ingeberg@skuld.com