New Episode of Breakfast With a CEO

In this week’s podcast, Breakfast With a CEO, we hear from Randi Marjamaa,  Head of  Personal Banking  Norway and Country Senior Executive for Nordea.

Written by Kelly Fisher

Randi  has worked her way up through Nordea over the past fifteen years, including overseeing  Nordea’s  Life and  Pension fund which manages about 450 billion  NOK in assets.  She joins the podcast to discuss  why leaders need to build out new skills to stay relevant, and the importance of diversity and equality for a company’s wellbeing.  

From Being Timid to Daring 

Randi  was the youngest of four siblings, with three older brothers  where she described herself as being timid growing up.   Her mother had a big impact  on her, challenging her to be more  daring  and take on new opportunities.  One of her first big challenges was when she was 14,  her parents would move to the U.K., and would send Randi off to boarding school in Paris instead.  This experience would be an impactful one, where she would learn the importance of taking risks, and rising to meet a challenge.  

Learn  From  Your 20’s  

It was a coincidence that Randi would wind up in finance.  One of her first jobs out of school would be with the PA Consulting Group.  She highly enjoyed the work of consulting, and the skills it taught her of identifying problems, and developing concrete strategies and solutions for them.  Another key point in her career was when she took on Head of HR for Nordea Bank Norway.  Here she learned the  ins  and  outs  of a company, how to build good organizations, and most importantly how to manage and support your staff and employees. 

Leadership and Diversity 

Randi shared three important traits she thought were good for being a leader.  You  have to  be curious, willing to develop new skills to stay relevant, and you  have to  love people.  Finally,  as a female CEO, Randi reflected on  why  diversity and equality is important for a company.  For her, having  people of  diverse backgrounds brings diverse ideas to the table, where a company is than able to choose which one is the best moving forward.  Having this diversity present helps to drive companies to  not only be more equitable, but also profitable.   

To hear more about how Randi navigated her career while being a mother, and how she manages to stay balanced in a hectic world, check out the podcast here.