The Power of Me

Get to know Marcello Sanzi and how Covid-19 has affected him as a person, a son, and as a surgical resident in Italy.

Behind the Voice


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Marcello Sanzi
Photo of Marcello: Private

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Meet Marcello Sanzi

Marcello grew up in Rome and moved to Milan one year ago. He is a doctor, an abdominal surgery resident and freelance writer with a passion for social justice.

A Personal Story—Becoming the Person He Is Today

I would say I have been very self-centered after the COVID pandemic hit the region where I was living and working in during March 2020. It is difficult to explain how this moment felt:

I had just moved to Milan, and I was in a very small and cold apartment. I still didn’t have many friends here, and I was working in a hospital that became a COVID unit. Combine this with family issues involving some of my relatives going to the hospital and my not being able to see them because of contamination.

I was afraid for the safety and health of my family, my friends all over Europe, my colleagues, my country. Moreover, I had a very strong fever, and kept myself isolated without knowing what was going on, at that moment COVID nose swabs were not that easy to get. When I finally discovered through antibodies dosage that I had overcome a COVID-infection, I understood, after a long time of dependence on things and people, the importance of self and how powerful my body and mind are.

As “dependence” I don’t talk about drugs, or toxic love relationships. I talk about being able to give something to somebody else, the power to decide for ourselves. Constrictions and limits are inevitable, but they should stay out of our minds, we should never let them in. Nobody is more powerful than Me when it comes to My life. That was one of my “new beginnings” I won’t forget anytime soon. 

Marcello Is a Voice for Insight Magazine Because…

I met the editor, Victoria, in Venice in 2017—it is a very long story. She is now one of my closest friends and she offered the opportunity to write for Insight because she believes I have a unique perspective and something to say. 

Marcello Is Passionate About:

Fashion, Music, Movies, TV shows, Parties—especially the dancing part.
And I love nature, to travel and explore the world.

Equality Means…

Equality is a form of social guarantee for personal freedom, the highest value of all. 

What kind of impact would Marcello like to have on the world?

I wish to be able to always give any sort of contribution to human rights worldwide. I am a very loud person and I won’t stay quiet in front of something I don’t like, and there’s a lot I don’t like especially in my country where privilege is still the main way to obtain any kind of social security.

Some of his favourites:

  • Book: Un uomo by Oriana Fallaci
  • Podcast: I Weigh – Jameela Jamil
  • Leader: Aung San Suu Kyi