The Essence of Teamwork

Letter From the Editor | Issue #11



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Victoria Waething
Photo by Chris Montgomery

Team has become a big and important word in our society. It is used and misused, but it is crucial in so many aspects of our daily lives. But—has it also become a buzzword without meaning? A word people say that creates a certain feeling of belonging, while they maybe are ignoring the actual meaning of support, loyalty and work?

Team Human

You may have a team with your partner, your family and friends. You are a part of a team at your workplace—and we are a part of a larger team, our society. The social responsibility that comes with being a team in a larger sense has been especially important during the pandemic. We are in this togethe—we must do the work together. We are not faced with an enemy from outer space (for those of us who remember the film Independence Day) yet, humanity is battling the same enemy—one we cannot see. We are team human.

Together we change. It’s our motto for this year’s SHE Conference. It is about creating a better world with more equality and diversity for all. We can only do it together, as a team. During these last weeks and days, we—the people behind SHE Conference—have experienced working as a team on a smaller basis as well.

A Team Creates Results

In a team we all share a responsibility to create results. We can look towards a leader, but the entire team has to do the work. Talkers are hitch hikers on a team of doers—team effort means making an effort.

I believe we are lucky, our team creating SHE Conference this year is a devoted group using time and effort towards a common goal that we are passionate about. Each of us taking responsibility for our part and walking the talk. In a team you are responsible for your team—but you are also responsible for stepping up your game. Not expecting others to do what you were supposed to do. I am proud of the team work behind the SHE Conference.

Team Leader

A leader has a responsibility to keep the team together, not a responsibility to do the work that a team creates together. That would elude the point of having a team. Our leaders are human, and make human errors. They are like most people—some will be bad, and some will be good. A leader is a part of team. She or he is the one who will focus on teamwork and how we are all in this together. I want to give a shootout to our eminent leader in this piece.

Our CEO and leader Heidi Aven had a vision so bold and ambitious, that while a lot were supporting her, many did not believe there was any chance that she could ever pull it through. Well—she did. And next week we are starting a digital conference with some of the most influential and inspiring leaders that this world has to offer.

Together we change, but any team will also need a leader who knows how to inspire. I believe SHE Conference 2021 is the best example of this—of teamwork.

Victoria Waething
Editor in Chief
SHE Community’s Insight Magazine