Equinor—The Winner of SHE Index 2021 in Norway

Today—on the first day of SHE 2021, we announced the winner of SHE Index in Norway: Equinor. Here you can read about how Equinor climbed to the very top of our index and the measures, incentives and strategies that they have put in place to realise their ambition to be a global leader for equality.


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A group photo of Equinor’s corporate executive committee on Teams.

Equinor is a company that strives to be a leading company in the energy transition. That requires diversity of thought, skills, and competence. At Equinor, it is important that every one of their colleagues brings unique experience, knowledge, and background to the table. Differences that will help them consider challenges from new perspectives and find the best solutions to some of the most complex business problems.

Equinor believes that diversity fosters creativity, innovation, and new ways of thinking. Equinor wants everyone to feel safe in bringing their whole self and their ideas to work; because their strength lies in their differences, not their similarities.

Equality in a predominantly male industry

Equinor’s diversity focus started many decades ago when striving for gender equality in what has been a predominantly male industry. Over the years, they have worked deliberately to increase the proportion of women in both operational and leadership roles. In the last several years, they have formalized their ambition for a diverse and inclusive Equinor by setting a key performance indicator for diversity and inclusion at corporate level and working even more systematically through their key human resources processes, such as recruitment, succession planning, performance management and leadership development.

  • Equinor has had targeted measurements, including gender targets in the recruitment of graduates and apprentices into the company
  • Equinor has taken responsibility beyond borders by implementing minimum 16 weeks of global paid parental leave, as well as flexible working arrangements.
  • Equinor has set clear expectations to their partners – for example law firms, to have a high degree of equality and diversity.

Today, 47% of all teams in Equinor are counted as diverse.

Equinor’s ambition is for all teams to be diverse and inclusive by 2025. Diverse teams are balanced on gender, but also experience, nationality, background and age. Diversity fosters creativity, innovation, and new ways of thinking. Inclusion is equally important and Equinor wants everyone to feel safe in bringing their whole self and their ideas to work.

So, how does a company as large as Equinor strengthen diversity and inclusion within the company?

  • Strengthening diversity and inclusion starts with leadership commitment and role modeling.
  • Equinor works to increase awareness of unconscious bias and on mitigating bias in business and people decisions.
  • The company strives for gender balance in leadership teams on all levels and, in recent years, the proportion of women in senior leadership roles has gradually increased.
  • Annually, Equinor measures both the overall diversity and inclusion level of all teams

In 2021, the corporate executive committee of Equinor is gender balanced.

Photo: Equinor // Ole Jørgen Bratland

Transformation with direction

For Equinor and its CEO, Anders Opedal, it is vital to have leaders – at all levels of the organisation who embrace the value that diverse and inclusive teams bring to their company and to society at large.

It is important to celebrate progress, and Equinor has expressed that they are humbled by the recognition of the results of the company’s gender equality efforts. Yet, Equinor also recognizes that there is still more to be done before the company is truly diverse and inclusive, reflecting the reality of societies they operate in to accelerate the energy transition.

Christin Bøsterud, CEO of EY Norway and Erna Solberg awarded Equinor with the SHE Index Award for 2021 to Equinor.

What is the SHE Index?

In 2018, SHE Community partnered with EY to create the SHE Index powered by EY, an index measuring the actual gender balance among top leaders, mid-level leaders and board of directors in over 200 Norwegian companies. The index measures not only the current situation, but also what incentives and initiatives that the company has initiated to create more equality within the company. Change is not done in a day, and there for a company is rewarded when there are measurable actions are taken against bias structures and management. The index was launched in Sweden in 2020, and will be launched in Denmark and Finland as in 2021. The index aims to become a global tool for measuring equality. Our motto is: What gets measured, gets done.