Launching the SHE Scholarship

“Because SHE should be given a chance.



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We believe that education is the key to creating more equality on the world. We have decided SHE Scholarship, which will offer a stipend for young women to have an education. 

Supporting initiatives that aim to provide education for young girls and women is essential in creating actual change and making an impact.

There are many ways to go about doing so, this year we have chosen five young women from Uganda attending the Nagenda International Academy of Art and Design to receive the SHE Scholarship in order for them to complete their education, aptly named the SHE2 Project, “Because SHE2 should be given a chance.”

The Organization

NIAAD has many years of experience with scholarships for girls and since 2014 they awarded more than 100 scholarships dedicated the education in entrepreneurship, design and leadership at NIAAD.

By offering the women a practical education, NIAAD offers their students a possibility to create their own business and thus making a living for themselves by becoming strong independent women.

Justine Nanyondo is Headmaster of NIAAD. A female role model to all the students showing them that girls like themselves van be leaders and make it also in Uganda

We look forward to following these young women in their educational journey!