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Letter From the Editor | Issue #14



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Victoria Waething

Welcome back to Insight. For a few weeks we dedicated Insight to promoting SHE 2021, our digital two-week conference that featured some of the most prominent speakers from all over the world. Did you know that you can still see all the segments from SHE 2021?

By visiting sheconference.no and you can purchase access for either one segment or expand your access to all the segments and workshops from our two-week digital conference. After setting up your account, you’ll have the resources available for three whole months, so you have plenty of time to see all of the content.

Insight for You

Insight is an editorial platform that we are still developing. It is a project that we are continually trying to figure out while still offering insights related to equality, business and innovation. For the first months we had all of our content in English. After carefully reconsidering, we have now decided to have an editorial platform that features articles in several languages, starting next week. I know, also from personal experience, that it is easier for many to write in their own language and I hope the opportunity to write in whatever language you would like, can inspire more people to join us as voices—and as readers.

New Podcast

Next week we are starting Season 2 of the SHE Podcasts. This time in Norwegian, with yours truly as a host. In season 1 of the SHE podcasts Matthew Smith spoke with CEOs—thus the name Breakfast With a CEO. This time around I chat with people from very different industries about a variety of themes, tsaking time to hear more of their own personal stories. If you missed our first season of podcasts, fear not! Here on our platform you can find the entire season 1 of the SHE podcast, as well as the special podcast in three parts featuring Erna Solberg in conversation with the incredible journalist James Chau from the China Current.

We All Have to Take Action

Creating real change that offers the same opportunities for girls and women world-wide does not happen while we are sitting on our behinds and watching a show on our computer. We do not believe that change happened while you were watching SHE 2021. Our hope and ambition was—and remains—to inspire people from all corners of the world to come together and create change together. Inspiration and education being keywords in our mission to be a catalyst for action.

SHE Conference was the first step there, now we urge you to come together—whether it be with colleagues, friends, family or strangers who share your passion to find a way for you to be a part of the change we all want to see.

Victoria Waething
Editor in Chief
SHE Community’s Insight Magazine