Now Streaming: Inclusive Leadership Open-Table

All content from the SHE Conference 2021 is now streaming on our platform.

Join us for a top leader debate to challenge for change. A discussion about how to create inclusive workplaces. How do leaders create an inclusive workplace during these times and how do leaders take a bigger responsibility in the global context?

It’s not only fair, it’s profitable – this is the time we can change together.

  • Hosted by Asta Busingye Lydersen // Project Manager at Jeunesses Musicales Norway
  • Sheree Atcheson // Multi-award winning Leader
  • Christin E. Bøsterud // CEO of EY Norway
  • Sigve Brekke // CEO of Telenor Group
  • Snorre Storset // Head Management, Nordea Norway
  • Caroline Farberger // CEO of ICA Insurance
  • Ivar Horneland Kristensen // CEO of Virke
  • Lasse Kristoffersen // CEO of Torvald Klaveness
  • Daniel Kjølberg Siraj // CEO of OBOS
  • Mita Mallick // Crafting Brands with Purpose, Top LinkedIn Voice 2020