Now Streaming—Dare to be vulnerable?

Photo by: TL Studios

We have all been faced with a new reality, both personal and professional because of the pandemic.

What measures can we take to improve our mental state – can we do it ourselves, or do we need help? 

How can we cope with this new reality and still thrive private and professional?

Now streaming from SHE Conference, is the important segment about vulnerability. About taking care of each other and yourself in these difficult times.

Presented by Fellow at Civita and the esteemed political commentator Eirik Løkke.

Løkke has also been a guest in our Norwegian podcast as well as a Voice for Insight. Among the panellists you will find therapists as well as writers and artists. Business women and inspirators. You definitely do not want to miss this session.  

Her Highness Al Said Basma // Psychotherapist
Lise Karlsnes // Therapist and musician
Hermine Bonde Jahren //  Founder of Braive
Helene Banner // Founder of “Let’s just be imperfect, ladies” 
James Chau // Host of China Current
Suki Thompson // Founder of Let’s Reset
Bjørg Thorhallsdottir // Artist, Keynote speaker & Author
Eirik Løkke // Fellow at the Norwegian liberal think tank, Civita