Gavriella Schuster joins the board of directors at SHE Community

SHE Community


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After 25 years of working on and leading some of the most innovative Microsoft products and launches and working across multiple business transformations and partnerships, Gavriella Schuster has embarked on a new passion and is focusing her attention and energy on building more diversity in the high tech industry and driving for equity and inclusion for women, non-binary and transgender individuals within the industry.  

Schuster turned her attention towards this important issue about 5 years ago when she worked with a number of other women to establish the Women in Technology Network and soon after the Women in Cloud.  She also participated in the SHE community event in 2019 and has stayed connected to the organization since then.  She is very interested in supporting the expansion and influence of the SHE Index beyond the borders of Norway.  

Schuster shared her personal experiences of loneliness and exclusion when she found herself as the only woman in the room during her TEDx talk in November 2020.  She also shared her framework to encourage more people to BeCOME allies and agents of change to close the gender equity gap.  

We are very excited to have her join the board of directors providing us with the benefit of her global experience from nearly 26 years at Microsoft running global businesses.

Learn more about Gavriella’s future plans by visiting her website, or take a closer look at her experience by visiting her LinkedIn profile. •