A company committed to diversity

PGS is a company that is applying new technology and ways of working to improve the sustainability of how we do business. PGS is also a company that has joined the Index as a Committer. Welcome.

SHE Index

Written by: Victoria Wæthing


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Photo: PGS

PGS has a reputation for technical and commercial innovation and breaking down barriers. It’s a company that is applying new technology and ways of working to improve the sustainability of how it does business.

—After 30 years in the energy business, we are now in an exciting phase of energy transition.

—Seismic will be needed to support the world’s achievement of net zero targets, our continued secure access to energy, and to enable the growth of renewable energy, says Kristin Omreng, Senior Vice President Global HR at PGS.

—Digitalization is key to the transition and an area where PGS has been investing considerable resources in recent years. Groundbreaking technology like machine learning and artificial intelligence, and ever more collaboration, are changing how we do business.

Sustainable business 

Running a sustainable business now and in the future is important at PGS. In recent months the company has been improving the transparency of its ESG reporting, to share more data on how they drive business improvements in all areas of PGS.  

—PGS management recognizes the importance of diversity and gender equality.

—We represent a global business with a global workforce – in fact, we have one of Norway’s most global workforces with over 60 nationalities in Oslo alone, explains Omreng.

—Not only do we aim to be an employer that demonstrates fairness and respect towards our workforce from an ethical point of view, we recognize that it is also very important from the perspective of attracting and retaining our highly competent workforce.

Diversity and inclusion

Photo: PGS / Kristin Strand Omreng

Through PGS’ focus on diversity and inclusion, they strive to tap into all parts of the talent pool. Their belief is that diversity brings new competence along with new perspectives to PGS.

Although this industry has traditionally been male dominated, PGS offers great career opportunities for women and many talented female PGS employees and managers with experience from the field and our offices have gone on to hold key positions in the company and within industry.

PGS is dedicated to the ambitions of the SHE Index. It is a company that seeks growth within gender diversity.

—Transparency regarding where we are today and how we are developing brings great value to our diversity, inclusion strategy and follow-up. We will continue setting targets and implement initiatives to improve year on year, promises Omreng.

Equal opportunities

At PGS, it is a requirement that all recruitment opportunities are offered equally to both genders, and the diversity must be represented in career progression opportunities.

The company aims to have this perspective reflected in the panel evaluating internal and external candidates when they recruit, and similarly when they select participants for internal development programs.

—We need to improve our ability to attract, retain and develop both genders, irrespective of the role type.

—Today, we see an overrepresentation of men throughout PGS, including leadership roles. Our target is to improve the gender balance. We also want to improve our diversity of age groups.

—Because our turnover is low, our workforce has gradually grown older. We are currently encouraging younger staff with a variety of exciting global and local initiatives. When it comes to nationality and academic background, we continue to see good diversity and balance, concludes Omreng. •