SHE Conference 2023

We gather a growing global community of individuals companies and governments under one roof. With one main stage and six side stages on the 19th of April, Oslo Spektrum will host a curated list of speakers from around the world and exclusive networking opportunities.

SHE Conference

Written by: SHE Community


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SHE Conference has become one of the world’s leading events focused on social responsibility and sustainability, diversity, inclusion, and innovation. But we don’t just talk about the importance of making a change. We empower people to act!

If more human diversity is included in the business, it will benefit society as a whole. SHE will continue to push for inclusivity in the workplace, anticipating a day when everyone has a chance to rise to the top. Until then, join us.

Join us to discuss important topics, meet global entrepreneurs and change-makers — and learn how we together can change and see more equality and equity in the world. Get your Early Bird tickets to SHE 2023 — only 799,-

Tickets buy here.

SHE Conference 2023.