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Breaking Several Glass Ceilings

Valeriya Naumova talks with SHE Insight about growing up in Ukraine, the bridge between research and business and her personal experience about being a female, foreign CEO in Norway.


No Bling During the Time of Covid-19

Join Insight for an interview with the founder of the Miss Mathiesen jewellery to learn how her brand has fared.

Staffan Hansén

SPP—The Winner of SHE Index 2021 in Sweden

5th of March—on the first day of SHE 2021, we announced the winner of SHE Index in Sweden: SPP.

SHE Index

Launching the SHE Scholarship

Because SHE2 should be given a chance.


Diversity and inclusion: Lessons from top business leaders

Gender diversity is not just a female issue; it’s a business issue.


The way to impact and profit is paved with gender equality

A unique perspective from the Secretary General of CARE Norway on how profit and raised standards go hand-in-hand.

Kristin Langeland

Who owns the truth?

The comeback of the press conference and a boom for conspiracy theories.


All-star leader panel tackles gender equality in the wake of Covid-19

State leaders from around the world gathered at the 2021 SHE Conference to discuss Covid-19’s impact on gender and equality and how to respond going forward.


Equinor—The Winner of SHE Index 2021 in Norway

How Equinor climbed to the very top of the SHE Index.

SHE Index

Stop fixing women. Start fixing what happens above the glass ceiling.

“Women are already amazing. The problem is that the unwritten work culture in most organisations has just not been designed to value typically female strengths.” —Helene Banner