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Kristin Langeland

Who owns the truth?

The comeback of the press conference and a boom for conspiracy theories.


All-star leader panel tackles gender equality in the wake of Covid-19

State leaders from around the world gathered at the 2021 SHE Conference to discuss Covid-19’s impact on gender and equality and how to respond going forward.


Equinor—The Winner of SHE Index 2021 in Norway

How Equinor climbed to the very top of the SHE Index.

SHE Index

Stop fixing women. Start fixing what happens above the glass ceiling.

“Women are already amazing. The problem is that the unwritten work culture in most organisations has just not been designed to value typically female strengths.” —Helene Banner


Caregiving as Meditation

What is the role of mindfulness while caregiving?


Final Part of Memoirs of Cape Wine Import: How to set up Shop

Insight Magazine finishes their journey with Cape Wine Import with gritty details of the import business in Norway.


From Trainee to CEO—Go all the way!

Anita Krohn Traaseth has the experience to know what she is talking about.

Cheryl Thomas

What Domestic Violence Looks Like from the House to the Hill

Familiar sights reinforced senses of entitlement, superiority, power and control.


Part 4 of Memoirs of Cape Wine Import

Insight Magazine continues to follow two young female entrepreneurs, starting a wine import from scratch during one of the most challenging times in modern history.


Equal workforce is good for your company—join the SHE Index today!

Heidi Aven, CEO of SHE Community, writes about the importance of diversity in business.

SHE Index