Category: Equality

Gina Perier

Lapee and Be Free

The story behind the first female urinal.


Intersectionality Is Not a Buzzword

A reflection on the emotional tax that comes with the loneliness of not seeing yourself reflected in your colleagues and leadership.

Eirik Løkke

RBG: A Champion for Men’s Rights

Women's rights, men's rights—RBG championed equal rights.


Women Have to Take Charge

"Women make up half of the population, of course we should have female leaders. But to get there, women have to do their part," says Signy Fardal.


Newest Season of Women at Work Podcast is Released

Harvard Business Review Launches its 6th season of the Women at Work Podcast series.


Mother's Names Added to their Children's ID Cards in Afghanistan

A motion set to help address the stigma of women’s position in the public sphere.


Soccer Player Maren Mjelde on Equal Pay

Demanding Equal Pay for Equal Play.


COVID and Stigma

How do men and women experience stigma around COVID in the workplace differently?


Don’t Let the Pandemic Set Back Gender Equality

Three Steps CEO's can take to prevent COVID-19 impacting gender inequality.