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Staffan Hansén

SPP—The Winner of SHE Index 2021 in Sweden

5th of March—on the first day of SHE 2021, we announced the winner of SHE Index in Sweden: SPP.

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SHE Conference 2021—March 18th Agenda

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Sasha Scott and The Inclusion Group

Sasha Scott is one of our speakers for Personal Impact Stories. 

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Equinor—The Winner of SHE Index 2021 in Norway

How Equinor climbed to the very top of the SHE Index.

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SHE Conference 2021—The Launch!

March 5th: check out today's agenda

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From Trainee to CEO—Go all the way!

Anita Krohn Traaseth has the experience to know what she is talking about.


An “Accidental Athlete”

Susannah Rodgers is a Paralympic Gold medallist and one of our guests for Sprint for Equality, Sunday the 14th of March.

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The Genius Behind GenieShares

Ben Brabyn is a Business Development and Ecosystems Expert and the founder of Genie Shares and is one of our guests for Innovation Day, the 17th of March.

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Demand Inclusion

Sheree Atcheson, a multi-award leader and published author, talks with Insight Magazine about the need for inclusion, education, and a willingness to listen.

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