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“We can all be change-makers.”

Gro Harlem Brundtland, Norway’s first female Prime Minister talks women’s rights and female empowerment at SHE Conference in 2020.


SHE Leads — A mentor program for women

Creating more equality at top management level.

SHE Leads

Part 1 of Memoirs of Cape Wine Import

Their goal is nothing less than their product becoming the microcontract equivalent to Vipps, Norway’s answer to Google Pay.

Walaa Abuelmagd

Gender Imbalance/Balance Seen from the World’s Lens

Lending a stronger voice in the workplace.


Women Have to Take Charge

"Women make up half of the population, of course we should have female leaders. But to get there, women have to do their part," says Signy Fardal.


Jane Fraser to Take Over Citigroup

Breaking the “glass ceiling”, Jane Fraser to be first CEO of a major financial institution in the U.S.


UN Project “Who Holds the Microphone” Highlights Women’s Work Globally

UN project "Who Holds The Microphone" documents women's groups important work globally.


Norway Pushing for Equality from within the UN’s Security Council

Norway prioritizes women's rights and equality at UN General Assembly.


David and Goliath; Hannah-Beth and the US Government

Meet the Politician in California helping to protect women in the workplace