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Gavriella Schuster joins the board of directors at SHE Community

Gavriella Schuster strives to create allies and raise awareness about the importance of equality and inclusion.

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Sasha Scott and The Inclusion Group

Sasha Scott is one of our speakers for Personal Impact Stories. 

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Stop fixing women. Start fixing what happens above the glass ceiling.

“Women are already amazing. The problem is that the unwritten work culture in most organisations has just not been designed to value typically female strengths.” —Helene Banner


An “Accidental Athlete”

Susannah Rodgers is a Paralympic Gold medallist and one of our guests for Sprint for Equality, Sunday the 14th of March.

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The Genius Behind GenieShares

Ben Brabyn is a Business Development and Ecosystems Expert and the founder of Genie Shares and is one of our guests for Innovation Day, the 17th of March.

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Heidi Aven—SHE Community’s CEO Championing for Change

Taking it to the next level: If you think small, you create small ripples. Think big, and you can create a global impact.

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Andrea Nylund, a mentor for impact startups and a founder herself, shares her thoughts on the startup scene in Oslo.