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Tietoevry contributes to transparency in gender equality by participating in the SHE Index — Powered by EY.

Read about what Anzhelika's experience at the SHE Pitch 2021 was like, and how her startup contributes to building a healthy relationship with money.

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SHE Index and EY EQUAL — Helping companies report on D&I

Companies in Norway are obliged to report on Diversity and inclusion. SHE Index and the Equality & Diversity Assessment Tool (EY EQUAL,) are designed to help companies fulfill their activity work.

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A company committed to diversity

PGS are a company that is applying new technology and ways of working to improve the sustainability of how we do business. PGS is also a company that has joined the Index as a committer. Welcome.

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Staffan Hansén

SPP—The Winner of SHE Index 2021 in Sweden

5th of March—on the first day of SHE 2021, we announced the winner of SHE Index in Sweden: SPP.

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All-star leader panel tackles gender equality in the wake of Covid-19

State leaders from around the world gathered at the 2021 SHE Conference to discuss Covid-19’s impact on gender and equality and how to respond going forward.


Equinor—The Winner of SHE Index 2021 in Norway

How Equinor climbed to the very top of the SHE Index.

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Equal workforce is good for your company—join the SHE Index today!

Heidi Aven, CEO of SHE Community, writes about the importance of diversity in business.

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Equality for All

A perspective from Christin E. Bøsterud, CEO / Managing Partner, EY Norway


Making Waves at the top

See the full list of companies here

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