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Ocean Oasis – one more drop in the ocean

Ocean Oasis, a new startup addressing the water scarcity globally. Kristine Bangstad Fredriksen, CEO and co-founder tells Insight about how her passion guides her while leading a company.


Breaking Several Glass Ceilings

Valeriya Naumova talks with SHE Insight about growing up in Ukraine, the bridge between research and business and her personal experience about being a female, foreign CEO in Norway.

Yulia Stark

The Power of Business Ecosystems

A new approach to networking and growth.


Nordic Brain Tech: Preventing Migraines

Nordic Brain Tech offers a revolutionary way of preventing migraines

Torgeir Waterhouse
Victoria Waething

Insight to All Corners of the World

Letter From the Editor | Issue #3


Kids on Zoom and Grandmas on FaceTime

Looking into the ebb and flow of our appreciation for technology.


Managing Your Mental Flow

If you are struggling to balance the sectors of your life, this article is for you.


Opening Doors

By building a keychain for all digital keys, the startup Unloc is opening doors for everyone.