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SHE Index and EY EQUAL — Helping companies report on D&I

Companies in Norway are obliged to report on Diversity and inclusion. SHE Index and the Equality & Diversity Assessment Tool (EY EQUAL,) are designed to help companies fulfill their activity work.

SHE Index

A company committed to diversity

PGS are a company that is applying new technology and ways of working to improve the sustainability of how we do business. PGS is also a company that has joined the Index as a committer. Welcome.

SHE Index

Startup-Heltene i Sverige

Stockholm er en av de største start-up hubene i verden etter Silicon Valley—og var derfor det perfekte stedet da Aksel Hagelid skulle finne selskapet som han ville satse på.


Leadership: How to use emotional intelligence in practice

Camilla Rundberg is the creator of evenodds and the RQ app – an app designed to train leaders on acting with emotional intelligence at work.


Ocean Oasis – one more drop in the ocean

Ocean Oasis, a new startup addressing the water scarcity globally. Kristine Bangstad Fredriksen, CEO and co-founder tells Insight about how her passion guides her while leading a company.


Breaking Several Glass Ceilings

Valeriya Naumova talks with SHE Insight about growing up in Ukraine, the bridge between research and business and her personal experience about being a female, foreign CEO in Norway.

Yulia Stark

The Power of Business Ecosystems

A new approach to networking and growth.


Nordic Brain Tech: Preventing Migraines

Nordic Brain Tech offers a revolutionary way of preventing migraines

Torgeir Waterhouse