Insight Magazine #Issue 1

Two Female Founders Entering Male Territory

Their goal is nothing less than their product becoming the microcontract equivalent to Vipps, Norway’s answer to Google Pay.


Women Have to Take Charge

"Women make up half of the population, of course we should have female leaders. But to get there, women have to do their part," says Signy Fardal.

Victoria Waething

“Of Course You’re a Feminist.”

Letter From the Editor | Issue #1

Gina Perier

Lapee and Be Free

The story behind the first female urinal.

Eirik Løkke

RBG: A Champion for Men’s Rights

Women's rights, men's rights—RBG championed equal rights.

Bjørg Thorhallsdottir

Investing With Your Heart

Investing to make the world a better place.


“What’s in a name?”

An ageless battle for women to proudly use their names. My first encounter was hearing my grandmother's story.


The Key Takeaways From the American Election

Cut through the noise and see what caught our eye.


SHE Invests because she has to.

Statistics about investing you should know.

Kristin Langeland

Vive la Révolution

Being a part of a defining moment in history.


A Place at the Table

Norway prioritizes women’s rights and equality at UN General Assembly.


Women Investing in Women

Affecting change from a seat in the boardroom.

Indrani Goradia

Global Gender Equality Starts with Equality at Home

Singing a song of inequality to larger and larger audiences.


Women Leading Women in Overcoming Barriers and Bias

Mentors are a crucial component in overcoming barriers and challenges for women and girls, shows recent report.

Frank Starling

Intersectionality Is Not a Buzzword

A reflection on the emotional tax that comes with the loneliness of not seeing yourself reflected in your colleagues and leadership.


SHE Leads — A mentor program for women

Creating more equality at top management level.

SHE Leads

Book Reviews

No duds on this list, books you're guaranteed to finish.

Walaa Abuelmagd

Gender Imbalance/Balance Seen from the World’s Lens

Lending a stronger voice in the workplace.


A Proud, Dancing, Gender Studies Dude

It might have been the dancing, the gloomy comments or the good advice, but somehow an American Man from the Midwest ended up studying gender equality in Norway.


“We can all be change-makers.”

Gro Harlem Brundtland, Norway’s first female Prime Minister talks women’s rights and female empowerment at SHE Conference in 2020.


One Eye on the Goal

The story of a one-eyed cancer survivor from America's Wild West.